5km run or walk

Perfect way to start a Sunday, walk, run, stroll or crawl, just make it to the finish line! Includes the Tasmanian Road Running Championships



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Event information

5km run or walk


Given COVID-19 restrictions, we discourage people from bringing additional belongings to be stored during the event. A bag drop will be available near the registration tent.

Course Cut-off

Whilst there is no official cut-off time for the 5k Run or Walk, participants are advised that the 10k event will commence at 10:45am, 75 minutes / 1 hour 15 minutes after the start of the 5k event.

Any participant in the 5k event who has not completed the course in 60 minutes will be directed to the left-hand side of the course to make their way to the finish line.

Drink Stations

Drink station will be available at approx. 2.5k serving water.

Pace Setters

To assist you in achieving your personal best, pace setters will be provided by the Tasmanian Road Runners Angels. Each pace setter will be holding a coloured flag and will wear an identifiable singlet.

See you in 2024

Sunday, June 2