Liv eat 1-Mile

If 5km is too far, but you want to get involved, the Liv-eat Mile is the event for you. 1609metres of flat, easy fun (a bit tougher of course if you're pushing a pram). Choose from the Competitive Mile or the Community Mile!


1 Mile (1,609m)

Start time:

JUNE 1 - 3:00pm & 3:15pm



Event information

Liv eat 1-Mile

In 2024, we will be holding two 1-mile events; community and competitive.

If you're keen to jump in and give the mile your all, enter the competitive.

For those who are new to fun runs or running in general, or just looking to do something with their friends, families or colleagues, enter the community mile!


A bag drop will be available near the registration tent. Use the security bag tag on the bottom of your race bib to attach to your bag.

Course Cut-off

This event will be held in the afternoon of Saturday 1st June, along with the 5km.

Any participant in the 1 mile event who has not completed the course in 20 minutes will be directed to the left-hand side of the course to make their way to the finish line.


Vouchers to The Athletes Foot for the following amounts to the top placed men and women in the Competitive Mile.

1st - $200

2nd - $150

3rd - $100

There will also be 2 x $100 vouches to The Athletes Foot to be randomly awarded in the Liv Eat Community mile.

Drink Stations

Water will be available at the finish for all participants.


May 31 & June 1, 2025